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Providing the safest and most affordable customized armored vehicle solutions to clients across the globe.

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Eliminate weak spots and delivering ultimate protection against any bullets and blasts.

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Discreet appearance of added armour eludes possible targeting.

Our clientele ranges from VIPs, NGOs, Armies, Police Forces, Private/Secret Security Agencies and Foreign Embassies.

Armored vehicles play a pivotal role in the modern battlefield from logistics, to reconnaissance, and frontline combat.


We offers wide-range of up-armored sport utility vehicles (SUV) based on Mahindra, Toyota, Lexus and Nissan platforms with ballistic protection up to B7/VR7 level protection. 


The wide spread violence around the world is contributing to alarming safety issues, not only affecting the rich and famous, but also for executives, diplomats, politicians and heads of state. We offer high-end armored solutions that offer complete protection.


We offer you up-armoring of any brand/model Pickup Truck with extensive customizations. The armored Pickups will be capable of doing multi-tasking and able to withstand harsh environments.


We provide affordable and customizable Armored Buses that can protect large groups of passengers from in-coming bullets and blasts. We deliver products and services to aid you in reaching your objectives with a peace of mind. Not only we up-armor but we also modify interiors to accommodate VIP Business class passengers.

Armored Cash-in-transit Pickups (Cash Boxes) and Vans are designed with custom security armoring features and bullet-proofing features that ensure the safe and secure movement of valuables like cash, jewelry, precious stones, etc

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Financial and government entities can make use of such vehicles when transporting valuable items. Security accessories such as GPS Tracking, online 360 Degree monitor, etc can be installed.

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The armoring design can be customized according to your requirements.